Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mtn. Biking Pics

The last few weeks Spencer and I have been taking pictures with the main purpose being to post them on our blog, but we of course have been forgetting to put them up...So these are pictures from our Mountain Biking excursion a few weeks ago.

Setting out...

We laughed so hard at this sign, but should have learned from it (as you can see...)

This was my big woops...but I felt so lucky that on a trail strewn with cactus, I fell into one of the few bare spots! Thanks goodness or I'd still look like a pin cushion!


Martha said...

Way to go Annie! Way to not be a pin cushion or Mrs. Porcupine. So explain what the questions are--do you and Spencer just decide ahead of time what questions to answer? Maybe you explained it in an earlier blog. Love you guys, Mo

StrykerLOVE said...

anna - more brave then i - i would have not even attemped after looking at that sign!