Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Tucson Adventures...

What an awesome week! I know I say that every week, but it's cuz every week is so much fun in this Tucson town. It felt like a really busy week and flew by with going out with the elders, scouts (with a 100% increase in numbers as we went from 1 scout to 2!), institute, mucho studying, Jake's football game, mountain biking, baby showers, etc. etc. Busy, but very fun.
So, on to our questions:
1-the scariest moment of the week for me was probably way back on Monday when I went grocery shopping. Being from the city of Zion, there was this understanding that after grocery shopping, you could wheel the cart back to your house, then bring it back later. That way, you could get all you want and not have to grow extra appendages to get it home. So I walked to the grocery store, bought all we needed: a ten lb bag of flour, 6 lb bag of sugar, some milk, plus 5 bags full of other things. I set out to wheel the cart home, when I get to a big sign that says as soon as you get out of the bounds of the parking lot, the wheels on the cart will lock. And sure enough, right outside the parking lot, there were a bunch of carts turned on their side, obviously discarded after they stopped working. So I gathered up all the groceries and set out towards home. It wasn't long before I started seeing tears in all the bags. And then everything seemed to drop all at once. ketchup rolling down the street, apples fillling the gutter, a glass jar of something broken and strewn all over, and very smooshed bread with the milk on top (one of my pet peeves inherited from my mom). And I was still a block from home. I started scouting for places to hide the groceries so i could come back with a car, scared that they would get taken or something. Then, out of the clear blue sky came this sweet elderly couple, decked out in sunhats, overalls on him, sundress on her, and full of giggles. They pulled over, hopped out, helped lme gather up all my groceries and took me home (even carried the groceries to my apartment!). It was so sweet of them and I couldn't have been more grateful/relieved at the sight of them! They totally came to the rescue in my scary moment!
2-I think the scariest moment for Spencer may have been when we went to Target to shop for a baby shower of a friend. We sat there, staring at the baby clothes, lotions, trinkets, etc. and could not say a word to each other. Finally he asked if he could go look at the movies...I think we'll be a family of two for a while!
3-I don't know if I could pick a very favorite activity of the week...I loved them all, but i especially loved going to Jake's game in Benson. It was the most amazing high school game I'd ever seen with two touchdowns in the last 45 seconds, it was awesome to be with the Hansens, and, for the first time since coming to Arizona, I wore was cold! Hooray-almost like being home! It was a really fun night. However, mountain biking was just as fun--and super exciting, with my biggest fall of the year. And equally fun, though in a different way was watching Gettysburg with Spencer. It was an amazing eye-opener to me and it was cool to see Spencer's passion for history and our country.
So, it's been an awesome week. Spencer is still taking care of me and finishing raising me. Last week, he brought me breakfast in bed one day, made me lunch, bought me M&M's, came grocery shopping, and (even though he wouldn't admit it) he even read Martha Stewart with me...what a trooper! I've never been happier, thanks to him.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!

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The Bentleys said...

please call me. we can go grocery shopping together. then there wont be jars of pickles rolling down the street. hahaha