Friday, October 5, 2007

The better angels of our nature

Today is Thursday. I want to go find a place to sit and just smile. Sounds simple and cheesy enough, but there are moments in life when a smile handicaps you and all you can do is sit and wonder...and smile. It's a wonder the smile doesn't rip your ears off sometimes.
Tonight, walking into the door, I quickly felt the onset of another S.H.E. (Smile Handicap Episode) I walked into the front room to the aroma of sweet and sour chicken floating from the crock-pot. I know it's the pot's maiden cookage, and what a job it has done. I glanced at our IKEA table and see it set for two. The daisies stand as sentinels in a vase just to affirm that, "yes, life is bueatiful." Then I saw Anna walk down the hall to give me a warm hug. A day studying in the cold library is now a distant memory. After a long hug we caught up on our day and she takes me around to the kitchen where she shows me her minor changes that make the area more short-people friendly (aka taking things off the top shelves so they can be reached without a chair). Then we sit down and eat that sweet and sour delight.
Two months ago I came home to this same apartment. I walked in, saw my guitar against the bare, white wall next to my love-sac/bed. I walked to the kitchen, made mac and cheese, studied a couple hours and went to bed, alone.
Who wouldn't have an S.H.E. after tonight? These Smile Handicap Episodes are heaven sent. And now here's the chocolate to the milk...Anna's got skills. Mad skills. She will make the world a better place by working in it as a nurse. I know that means school and job will replace aromas from the crock-pot. But this, in the end, is what brings me the biggest S.H.E. But for now, I'll take that warm hug and hot supper while it lasts. Thanks Anna, you're the Bomb!

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StrykerLOVE said...

spencer/anna - did your sealer from the temple just speak in sunday conference?