Sunday, October 21, 2007

Super Woman Week

This is blog entry dedicated to Anna. She is Super Woman in all shapes, forms, and actions. Just check out her super, supine stretch down the half-pipe! We had a great week in Tucson. If anyone is looking for a place to live with Awesome weather, now is the time to cash in on the area here. Everyday I ask Anna if she could have the weather a constant temperature the rest of her life, would she want it how it is now? I would be tempted to ask my genie for such a wish. We've had fun adventures this week. On Monday night we planned to go out with the Elders. They arrived at our house without dinner so we gave them the lion's share of an awesome homemade pizza Anna created!! We were said we couldn't give them more. Then we booked it to the southern boundary of the ward. The contacts were not home but we made some street contacts with some snickering, smoking youth. That's a rough part of town that reminded me of the nights walking along the back streets of Rio de Janeiro. Preaching the gospel is fun.
Tuesday night we had cub scouts and Anna arranged the make sugar cookies with the boys. We have one more buy now so our attendance has increased %100. Anna has magnified every aspect of her calling and every duty she's undertaken since we got married. She is so caring that I think she even felt the pain of the dear pork chops she accidently burnt for dinner. Those poor babies :) Seriously though, it's awesome to me as I go throughout my day to see how much more drive I have to be a better person as I live with Super Woman.
Yesterday we went mountan biking at Fantasy Island. It's a bunch of trails coiled together in a desert patch right on the edge of town. We had a great ride, full of falls, thorns, and Christmas trees.
Our first question this week is: What was the scariest moment of the week? I was scared when I saw Anna riding through the half pipe. We had never ridden the trail before so we had no idea what to expect. She made it up an incline and then paused to see where the trail was going. The sandy trail gave out and she started teetering. The next thing I saw was Anna extended parallel to the ground, arms outstretched, holding on to the bike until gravity sucked her down the little ravine. After riding past miles of cactus, I was scared Anna would become Mrs. Porcupine. She seems to be doing all right.
Second question: What we think scariest moment for spouse was: On Friday when I went to school, Anna jumped in the shower. She found a bee in the bathroom and they quickly became friends. The bee stuck around all day and when I got home I saw the bee in the bathroom. I left the bathroom and gave Anna a kiss in the hallway. While we were kissing I slapped my neck and yelled, "Ouch!" Her face was priceless :) I think I scared her the bee relationship had backfired on us! Out bee friend is MIA.
The final question is what was the favorite activity of the week: The mornings are great times with Anna. The morning Sun pours down through the eucalyptus trees in the morning and since we live on the third floor, it looks like we live in a forest if you look straight out our front porch windows. On Thursday morning we made breakfast together, omeletes and fruit and cottage cheese, and talked about Infinite Atonement by Elder Callister. I learned much from Anna Thursday morning.
Life is great. How could it not be when you live with superwoman. And how could it not be when your wife wants to watch Gettysburg with you on a Saturday night? Thanks Anna!

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