Tuesday, October 9, 2007

thank goodness for pedals!

Wasn't conference AWESOME?! You'd think after 20 years I would learn, but I'm still always amazed at how many answers to prayers and tender mercies there are in conference. We had a blast staying in Thatcher with the Hansens. We got to see Jake OWN his football game, go mtn biking and target shooting, experience Kim's authentic Belgian waffles, and have lots of laughs. We're also excited to go to St. George with my family this weekend--we're so spoiled!
So Spencer has a test this week and probably won't be able to write, but I couldn't resist writing about my adventure of last week. Wednesday morning was gorgeous and clear, so i thought i'd go for a little bike ride. I rode on the river trail by our house for about an hour. I was in absolute heaven until out of the blue, one of my pedals popped off. I was more amused than anything, so I chuckled, picked it up, and rode with one leg for aobut twenty minutes. Then the other pedal popped off. This was not amusing anymore--being 6.5 miles from home. So i gritted my teeth, turned my ipod to mormon tabernacle choir to keep from cursing, and made the trek home. At first, I was a little peeved that such a thing could happen, but then i realized how hilarious it was...especially when I was pedaling with one leg. I know I'm always a spaz...but that was extreme. Anyway...I made it safe and now it's just a good story to tell.
One more thing I have to write about was another romantic Spencer episode. When we were coming home from institute the other night, he threw a blind fold on me. Then he drove to Border's books and pulled the blindfold off for me to see our own little table in the kid's section with two mugs of hot chocolate. We spent the next hours reading Berenstein Bears and Curious George, and reminiscing about being kids. It was so fun!
So...things are just great here! We'll see what adventures this week brings...

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StrykerLOVE said...

anna - sounds like a great week - i spent last week watching two 2 year olds along with the other kids - then having tantrums myself when marc came home just because it was SO MUCH!! so I am jealous you got all that fun and food and love - have fun with your fam!