Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I never make peas!

What do you get from a girl named Anna? Enough fun to make peas non-stop!! We have had a fun week so far after such an awesome weekend! Last Thursday after my test I came home to a beautiful angel-food cake! I would take a test everyday for Anna's angelic touch (cheese please). Married life is fun and it's fun watching each other grow. This morning I looked at Anna's left hand, peppered with cuts and scars from her personal food fights in the kitchen. She came off conquerer though as we dined last night to homemade pizza (thanks Rachel), homemade breadsticks, and homemade frozen yogurt. Anna made pizza for some neighbors and the missionaries too. She's an iron chef.
Anyway, back to last Thursday. We drove up to St. George to play for the weekend with the Boyers. After a tortuous ten-hour drive involving blinking bus lights and "99 bottles of root beer on the wall," we finally made it. It was fun watching Anna get antsy into the wee hours of the morning waiting for her parents to arrive. When they did we had a great reunion and then we hit the hay for a few hours. On Friday Rich, Jennie, Joe, Anna, Eliza, Ben, and I went biking on the Stucki trail. We came home, played some football, and dined out on steak. It was fun. On Saturday we hit the JEM trail, another fantastic mountain bike trail coursing around Hurricane, UT. By the end of the ride it was fun to feel the sore muscles that I never use to just run. We spent the rest of the weekend visiting, playing, lounging, laughing, and more playing. Rich cooked up some fantastic steaks and Lori enhanced it with a great spread of food on the table. Lori, as great as your cooking is, I'm intoxiated with your chili sauce and so that was my delectable high light. So our three questions of the week:
1) Best part of the road trip? Ask Anna why she never makes peas. But one of my favorite parts was watching Anna get wired as a city bus passed us in slow traffic, winking at us the whole way with four tail lights that shined in incoherent and random order. I also loved reading Les Mis with her on the ride.
2) What I like most about Mountain Biking? Pedals
3) Something learned from the family this weekend? I learned again how the only thing that matters is family, not school, jobs, money, cars, even mtn. biking, because in the end that's all we can take with us.
Ate mais amiginos.

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StrykerLOVE said...

spenc when you say anna gets wired do you mean she is just like the normal people in this world who think you drive too slow ? j/k it sounds fun and wish i could have a weekend like that since all it does on weekends here lately is just rain cold rain and i can't even run in it - knee is worse%*@! dang it