Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I woke up yesterday and, for the first time since moving to Arizona, i was cold!!! It was a cold, blustery day in Tucson, the likes of which I had never seen...I knew immmediately it would be a big day, and it was! The day continued to be full of more changes for me:
-I had milk in my hot chocolate instead of just water and it really did taste better!
-I got my first pay-check in over a year! Hallelujah!
-I played Christmas music even though it isn't December yet, and was ok with it!
-We put up a tree (which we ourselves had cut down in the mountains!). That, in and of itself, was full of changes since it was with a husband, rather than my huge family. We used white lights instead of colored, the ornaments all match, and there aren't any paper-mache or play dough ornaments made by a first grader. It looks fabulous, if I may say so myself...Our apartment looks so happy now. I love Christmas season!

-I put mustard in my dinner and actually liked it...
-I made a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond without buying anything.
-I had an entire phone conversation without ever saying "What?" "What?"...maybe my hearing is improving!
-I didn't burn dinner (yes, that is definitely a first in our marriage!)
-And finally, I cut off a foot of my hair to donate to Locks of Love! I feel like a little school girl again, but it's so much less maintenance and fun to have a change.

Anyway, it was a pretty adventurous day...We'll see what tomorrow brings! (And forgive the Bob-Dylan title, but it fits!).

Monday, November 12, 2007

Funny Girl

Of course, I have to add a funny memory of our weekend. In Mesa they already play Christmas music on the radio so I turned it up on 99.9 FM. "Walking in a winter wonderland" never sounded so fun but evidently Anna has something against Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. She finally gave in and she slouched into the corner of her seat, trying to distance herself as far from the sound waves as possible. Out of the corner of my eye, not ten seconds later, and with a frown on her face she began singing along to the song!:) Oh, the power of the Christmas spirit!!

Valley Fever....

In our rosy little garret we've been having too much fun for a married couple. Today we just discovered if we concentrate and shuffle our feet around the house, without grounding out on anything, we can give each other shocks that will get our hearts racing. Adds a whole new rush to kissing! I haven't been as faithful at the blog as Anna Bird but I thought I'd add a few thoughts since I'm currently sitting in the eye of the med school hurricane. One week I see a lot of Anna and the next I don't, depending on which Fridays my exams fall. But we've had fun every week still. This past Wednesday Anna spent six hours painting our old neighbors new home and they invited us over for a steak dinner! We miss them since they were our first apartment friends. Anna has been awesome to them and hopefully the little girls can remember their "Wormon" neighbors when they see a couple missionaries walking down the road years from now.
On Friday we packed our bags and went to a session in the temple with the Hall's. We feasted at Buca de Beppo's after and then went to see Ryan and Stacey's new girl, Mabry. After spening the night at the Hall's, we had a great Saturday morning in the temple again and then, after stops at Mesa's Yogurt and Deseret Book, we headed home. On Sunday Anna and I spoke in sacrament meeting. The topic was prayer. Anna gave an incredible talk on prayer, the soul's sincere desire. I love watching her as she bears testimony because her arms and hands jump into the scene as she emphatically proclaims how awesome it is to know and talk with a loving Heavenly Father. Anna is all mind, body, and soul!! You'd think a young married couple would be sitting on the couch staring at each other after a couple months but we've been surprised how fast our schedule fills. In a matter of an hour after church we suddenly had plans for every evening of the night except Monday night, which is now filled with plans. Missionaries, scouts, dinners, home teaching, family...life has never been better.
Life is great in Tucson. This past week holds great memories. Some of the best include coming home at one in the morning after studying to see Anna on the couch, sleeping and waiting. Rarely do I make it in before she's up on her feet and hugging her warm body around mine. If that's too cheesy for you, I'll stop now:) Go Suns!!