Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Utah and Back Again...

It's been another awesome week for us! I felt spoiled--we got to spend the whole weekend with my family up in Utah! It was so great to see them! We had a blast mountain biking, playing/watching football, catching up, and eating like kings. Spencer and I even had fun driving up (10 hours both ways!). Spencer had a test last week, so he had practically lived in his books. So, it was so great to just be with him again. So, to answer the questions: My favorite part of the drive was the hoover dam on the way up. It totally looked like it was straight out Lord of the Rings! It was so huge and looming, with subtle light and no visible humans. And to make it all the more intense, Spencer and I were playing the soundtrack to some eerie movie, so there was just the intense drum beat going. I wouldn't have been surprised to see an army of orks chasing us!
My favorite part of mountain biking was just that--mountain biking, doing it! Everything about it is so fun and it felt like it had been too long. I hope we can find more trails around tucson! I also loved having pedals...something I appreciate now :)
Something I learned from being with family this weekend was something more just re-inforced to me than taught. I realized again how cool family is in that there doesn't have to be catch up time, re-aquainting, or readjusting. Even with the biggest change and the biggest move of my life, I feel the same with them. I'm still "Earth", all our jokes are still the same, and I still rely on their support as much as ever. It was so cool to be with them and really feel that--Thanks so much to you guys if you read this! I love you!
I know I've already written a lot, but I wanted to write just a few more tender mercies of this week: One was Wednesday morning. For the first time in our whole marriage, I left in the morning and Spencer stayed to do homework and it turned out to be such a GOOD thing! He was sitting there studying when all the sudden he heard a huge whoosh and the main pipe to our sink had exploded! So water shot all over the kitchen and was headed toward flooding our apartment. Luckily, he had the presence of mind to get maintenance as fast as possible, and they had it cleaned up within an hour, leaving us only a few cracks in the floor and a new faucet. It was so ironic that happened the ONLY morning Spencer was home, but thank heavens!
Anyway, it's been a grea week and I'm excited for what's coming!

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