Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things You're Not Lucky Enough To Experience

The other night Anna returned home from her 13 hour work-day a little fatigued. I studied late into the evening at our desk, located just a few feet from our bed. The desk faces away from the bed. Anna's calming breathing patterns were beckoning me to bed with more force than the Siren's calls to Odysseus. Then she got up and wandered to the kitchen. She evidently grabbed some bread and went back to bed because I could hear her munching on bread crumbs. Then, she was asleep. I went to bed shortly after. That morning we woke up covered in bread crumbs. Our arms and legs were grating against the dried grain in the sheets like sand on a beach. She fell asleep before she could finish her snack! Anna rocks. She works so hard at her job that it prepares for some of the funniest fatigue moments at home after her shift. I hope someday, when I'm on call, I can work as hard as her. You rock banana!

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NanaH said...

Funny story. Poor Anna.