Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boards studies...

I laughed out loud while coming across this fact from the great Wikipedia. I am studying the central nervous system, just to put it in context.

"There are many ways to acquire radial neuropathy.
The term Saturday Night Palsy refers to nerve damage that can occur if a drunk person falls asleep with the back of their arms compressed by a bar edge, bench back, or like object. Radial neuropathy is also called honeymooners palsy, since it can be acquired by sitting with an arm draped over the back of a neighboring chair (or movie-theater seat) for a long time, or when somebody sleeps with his/her head rested on another persons arm, as for instance in a newly married couple where the partner doesn't yet want to tell his or her partner to use a pillow instead.
Both Saturday night palsy and honeymooners palsy refer to the fact that the nerve damage is generally forewarned by arm pain to a degree that only excessive love or liquor would drive a person to keep their arm in such an uncomfortable position."

I think Anna and I might still be on honeymoon because she complains of wrist-drop. What a sign of love for the hubby :)

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Melissa Markham said...

Hmmmm... Spenny. How come you didn't post about the procedure you described to us? :) Melba