Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Road Cycling

Anna and I have found a new hobby we both love to do together. We have fun getting frustrated in tennis, running, canoeing, football, etc, but it's nothing but love in road cycling. Two weeks ago her parents and I teamed up to get her FELT road bike and we have biked almost 150 miles together since. We love planning our day around a sunset ride in Tucson. We are riding for pleasure now, but look forward to training so we can keep up with the Dad, the Kaelbaerers, Rich Boyer, and maybe the Johnsons during El Tour de Tucson this novemeber. One hundred miles around the greatest desert on earth.


Kimball said...

I noticed that I am not among the list of people you feel the challenge to "keep up with."

So cruel... but I guess the truth does sometimes hurt.

Kimball said...

Upon further review... I respectfully retract my earlier comment. Look forward to getting back onto the pedals when my parts arrive.