Monday, June 8, 2009

Here's 150,000...and signing off for a while.

Buying an American made car at 97,000 miles can be risky. But in Safford, AZ lives a man named Tigi. He cares for his cars as meticulously as a junior high boy styling his hair with L.A. Looks gel. The oil changes are regular. Every update/fix/alteration on his cars is noted in a booklet located in the glovebox. And the car never sees a dirt road. A little extreme, maybe, but it paid off for me when I bought his Pontiac Grand Am exactly four years ago. And today the Grand Am hit 150,000. Besides minor bleeding of antifreeze out of a leaky hose, the car is running perfectly sound. Oh, and the A/C doesn't work, but you hardly notice that in AZ :) So while GM is taking a bad rap these days, here's a "hip, hip hooray, for the American-made car and the American-mad man who takes care of his car, Tigi. My next ETA on this blog is in two months, so unless you hear from Anna, just assume we're sweating pretty here in Tucson, AZ. Tchau!

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