Sunday, September 30, 2007

"They're always on Steroids."

Life doesn't get any better than when your wife supports you fully in buying a TV so you can watch football on the weekends! So on Thursday we checked Craig's list and bought a TV, DVD player and cabinet from a couple who got the set for the marriage. They never had time to watch so they sold it. So if time's an issue with this entertainment system, then let us know if you're in the market for a new TV :) This country seems to be suffering from the doldrums on Mondays though. Notre Dame, Penn State, West Virginia, Michigan, UCLA... it's a darn good thing we got the Sun Devils!!
This past week went by super fast. Anna's been running around all over the city for a job and now she's got options to choose from. Yesterday I spent the afternoon alone in the apartment while Anna was at the Relief Society Broadcast and I missed her more than oxygen. She's been strong to be spending the days alone with no school or job. I love how Anna is always up and doing. When I imagine I would spend free time just lying around, she is a living model of productivity and efficiency.
So we have three more topics to write about. The first one is: Quote of the Week. Fortunately we got a good one from Anna at dinner tonight. We were sitting talking about cute actors and actresses (uplifitng Sunday talk for newlyweds :) and of course Brad and Angelina came up. Then Anna spontaneoulsy announced, "They're always on Steroids!" My first thought was, let's get Anna a job with MLB or the Committee of Olympic Drug Affairs so she can use her hound dog senses to catch suspect athletes, but then she looked at me and we bust up laughing when she said she meant Tabloids. I love it when Anna starts laughing hard because hiccups inevitably follow. I fell in love with those hiccups back when we were dating. They hurt her thoug so I never wish them on her.
Our second topic: Best activity of the week: This is a hard one. We've had a lot. Last night we went on a date and incorporated Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards into it by agreeing to split up and choose an item that we think the other would like. So at the store we split up for half and hour and roamed the store. We ran into each other right off looking for the lava lamps and then split. We both ended up with massage products. Poor Anna, next time we'll go to Sports Authority to make it more gender even.
Topic number Three: Favorite meal together: On Friday Anna rode her bike with a cooler on her back to school and brought me egg and bean burritos, complete with drinks, dessert, and appetizers. We sat out on the Institute lawn and had a fun lunch. Then we rode back through campus and I went to school and she checked out some nursing stuff.
We're having fun learning and living together.


The Bentleys said...

isnt being married fun!?

Clark and Rebecca said...

Spencer--We can be married blogging friends! Check out our blog.
Clark and Rebecca