Monday, September 17, 2007

never done this before...

Sorry, my attention span was a little too short to finish last night. But, as I was's exciting to be starting a Hansen "family" blog. Ever since Spencer and I got engaged, we keep saying "now this makes us official!" We said it when he gave me my ring, when we sent out invitations, when we got a blender together, when we were sealed in the temple, when we moved into the apartment, etc. Maybe starting a blog together will be the final mark of an official couple!
The last two weeks have been two of the best of my life. We've had so much fun every single day. I'm loving living not only in the same STATE as the kid, but the same city and even the same apartment! I feel spoiled. We've had fun cooking together, setting up our apartment, opening the mound of gifts, rollerblading, going to institute classes, making temple trips, building forts in our apartment, hanging out with new friends, etc. etc. I can't wait to see what the next two weeks, months, years bring.
So as Spencer already said, we both are writing answers to certain questions. The first one was the funniest moment of the week. There have been SO many it's hard to pick one. But, I think when I laughed the very hardest was the other night heading out to the grocery store. We had parked right in back of our apartment, so Spencer and I split up, went opposite directions around the apartment, and were racing to see which way was faster. As I was turning the corner (in the lead, I'm sure), I grabbed onto a lampost, which looked pretty sturdy--they usually are, to swing me around the corner. But instead of swinging me smoothly around the corner, it sent me flying across the sidewalk as it completely uprooted. I ended up in the most awkward heap with the lampost on top of me. A young man walked by right then with his jaw dropped to the ground, but not the slightest hint of a smile. I lay there shaking on the ground laughing until Spencer came and joined me and we laughed together for a long long time. (so if any of you thought that turning twenty and getting married might cure my awkward appendage management issues, nope!).
The next question was what the most surprising discovery about Tucson was. This is so boring, talking about the weather, but really...everyone I talked to about moving to Arizona told me that I would be a puddle within a week. Even Spencer told me atop Masada (the hottest place I've ever been) that he felt like he was back in Arizona. So I was expecting to be scorched by now. However, it's hardly been hot at all! I wear a sweatshirt most nights, we still have some afternoon rains, and it's nowhere near as hot as I was in utah my last few weeks there. What a blessing!
And finally, what was my favorite picture from the wedding? I think my favorite is this one of the family...remember the face Eric made as he took the picture? I thought all the skin was going to fly off his face! I love looking at everyone's faces: so many of us are dying laughing, Sammie the knowing photographer looks like "yeah--i try that trick too," Lou's scared to pieces, Abby's about to tell him to grow up, and who knows what Katie's thinking but she's paying attention--incredible!
Thanks again to y'all for making that day, everything leading up to it, and the days since so great. I love and miss you all tons. Thanks also to that Spencer kid for everything...Have a great week--much love

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