Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The land of Pecans

Well, the blogger Hansens are sending out to the universe what is happening in our warm neck of the woods, and we couldn't be happier. We had a great, fun week. This past week I learned a lot more about Anna that makes me realize how lucky I am every breathing second. One thing I learned a while back came back even stronger this past week. When I got home on Friday afternoon she had everything ready for the camping trip. We've been looking forward to camping since we were married and now we were actually going. While driving to our camping site I realized all that Anna had been through during the week. Looking for a job, arranging the apartment, getting Spencer ready for school, all these boring, monotonous jobs that would bring me down, and she never shows any measure of discouragement at the expense of my happiness. Obviously biased because she's my wife, I've still never known anyone who can go through hard personal trials on a day, and on the same day make her best friend feel like the happiest person in the world. Anna doesn't show her suffering. I just barely learned she gets headaches on occasion. But she never shows it. It's never a cause to complain or alter life. Whenever we're called to cross our pioneer plains during life, I couldn't have chosen a better partner to push the cart with. Anna is long-suffering. I knew it before this week, but this week highlighted it in a different way.
Best part of the camping trip:
We were watching Red Eye. Scary, thriller movie. In one scene Anna gave me a personal red eye when she wheeled her head from the screen to the pillow during a scary moment and nailed my head with her forehead :) The experience blew away anything IMAX could have offered.
Something new we learned about Tucson:
The sky color changes hue as the sun descends latitude with the changing season.
See you next week!


StrykerLOVE said...

the best way to reward a long suffering wife is to give her lots of attention adn presents! so says this long suffering wife ;-)

Nana said...

Hey Spencer, Do you remember the camping trip where we were frightened by the "bear". We whipped everyone out of the tent and into the car. Then we drove down the trail a bit and lo and behold - There was the bear, or rather there was the bull calling for his mate! Rachel wouldn't get out of the car we scared her so bad.

Rach said...

as I recall, mom and dad thought it was a mountain lion and mom was just a scared as me!