Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday, Sept 16

Querida Familia,
Two weeks down, and an eternity to go. Sometimes we feel like we're going to explode with gratitude for everthing you've done to make us comfortable in Tucson. We feel your prayers daily, even hourly, and know that we've got the best examples in you all on how to live a happy life.
I told Marc we woud start a blog tonight, so here it is. We might choose another format yet, but this is where we'll start, on good old email. We talked about how to make our blog unique and decided to focus on three topics each week. Anna and I will have the topics but we will write about them independent of each other, not knowing what the other wrote. Then we will compare only after we send off the email. So you're getting Anna's perspective and Spencer's perspective, purified to the genetic core of each individual. We laugh a lot because when Anna asks something like, "what would you want for dinner," after she mentions sphaghetti, I always have a sudden appetite for sphagetti. So, hopefully through the blog, you'll discover what Anna is hungry for in our lives and what I'm hungry for, and how our goals and experiences are woven together.
I. Funniest moment of the week: There were many, but on one occasion we headed out the door to the car. We decided to race around the building to the car, Anna going one way and me another. I got the the car panting and all I heard was this upbeat laughter. Knowing Anna, I thought she had broken her ankle. Most people show pain through sad countenances and weird noises. Anna laughs. But when I came back around the apartment, (Actually, we just had a funny moment: Anna is sitting on the side of the bed talking to Martha and I crawled into the room and peeped around the corner of the bed and smiled a huge clown smile. When Anna turned and saw she let out an awesome yell of fear) okay, back to the story, when I came back to the sidewalk I saw Anna trying to place a lamp post back into the spot where it was uprooted when she used it to catapault around the corner of the sidewalk. We both fell down laughing. Accident-prone Anna. As I started to help her the lamp itself popped off the top and bounced down a little hill. It was too cartoonish to be real.
II. Most surprising discovery of Tucson: Our great ward! With fifteen new couples, the mission president and his wife, and some seasoned veterans, it's a great mix of old and young. Fun, fun friends and exciting opportunities.
III. A favorite picture of the wedding/honeymoon (see picture) You can guess why Rich looks so young again :)
I can't believe I'm doing this...starting a blog with my husband!!! It's so exciting. (To be continued tomorrow)

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you are the butter to my cup!