Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Coyotes, Cheesecake, Arizona Resident, and Whatnot...

Another week of marriage! I can't believe how fast the time goes! And I think every week gets more and more fun, if possible. This last week was full of more rollerblading, throwing the football, burned but fun dinners, our first camping trip, a trip to Grandpa and Grandma's, painting a wall of our apartment brick red (inspired by Lisa Tate!), my getting an arizona driver's license (once again, a "we're official" moment), and lots of laughs.
So the first question we thought of was the best part of the camping trip. For me, it was the coyotes. We had taken the lap top and watched a scary movie--scary movies are a whole different story when you're out in the middle of nowhere with wierd noises! So we were already jumpy, and we had heard rats, owls, and other animals. Then we were just drifting off to sleep when we heard the screaming of coyotes really close--we both jumped up with hair standing on end, then laughed uneasily, trying to reassure ourselves. As you can see...the coyotes did not get the best of us, we're alive and well, but it's funny to think how scared we were.
Second question of the week was what we learned about the other. This could turn into a novel. But there were two main things--first was how great Spencer is with kids. I had seen how much our nieces and nephews loved him. But this week we had our 7 year old neigbor come over a few times for homework help. Spencer sat with her for over an hour, working through math, teaching her techniques, and helping her keep focus. It was really cool to see his patience and his way of encouraging her. Second, I learned that Spencer is still full of surprises. When we were dating, he always had surprises for me at the testing center, in my classes, at my apartment, whatever. It was so sweet. And this week he still kept it up. I had a job interview and was pretty nervous about it. When I walked in, the lady interviewing me grinned, handed me a package, and said "Your husband dropped this off for you. He's SO CUTE!" It was a slice of cheesecake with a note he dropped off on his break. So my interview started by sitting down with the lady over a slice of cheesecake and talking about my cute husband. Then as she took me around and introduced me to different people, she would say, "This is Anna who has the cutest husband who just started medical school and grew up in Mesa and went to BYU and yada yada yada..." She then proceeded to offer my the job. So not only did Spencer provide a good breakfast and comfort when I was stressed--I think he was the one who got me the job! Thank you Spencer!
Long story short...we're having a great time, loving Arizona, and couldn't be happier. Thanks to you all for helping out! Love you all and have a great week!


Rach said...

Mmmm, cheesecake. That is a good breakfast. That will be the Budge side coming out.

StrykerLOVE said...

you guys should take a pic of your red wall - would like to see how it looks!