Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ron Paul

Politics...not my best subject to discuss if I want to pretend I know anything. But I do know one thing, after the republican debate Monday night, which I watched on a comfortable Jet Blue, I would vote for Ron Paul. He is smart. He is efficient. He gives concrete detail. And he is the only one who would conform with the following statement given by the First Presidency of the LDS church during WWII:

“‘. . . the Church is and must be against war. The Church itself cannot wage war, unless and until the Lord shall issue new commands. It cannot regard war as a righteous means of settling international disputes; these should and could be settled—the nations agreeing—by peaceful negotiation and adjustment. "

So while Romney and Gingrich want to make our stick we carry bigger ( I'm not sure where Santorum stands) Ron Paul wants to make our hearts bigger. Sounds cheesy, but I believe him when he says it. And it is that stirring of belief, generated by a politician, that makes me want to vote for him. Looking back, I can't remember ever feeling a "stirring" for any politician I've seen speak. And I guess that's my litmus test of whom to vote for: an inner stirring.


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