Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Lavender Rush

We jogged out of Sabino Canyon, dusty and tired. We switched leads because of the beans we ate for lunch. Blackett's Ridge is wonderful. You can summit the high desert ridge under one hour and jog back down for the completion. It elevates you above the city into deer and bobcat country. You see hikers serious about the hike, not your typical flashy, flesh-showing, lower- elevation hikers who are mad their friends decided on a hike instead of LA Fitness. And you see no trash, which settles your urbanely agitated mind. So within this setting I had another teaching moment from the great head-master, Nature.

On the way out of the canyon Anna noticed the sunset and its colors. I said I love the sage color of the sky. I meant lavender. But that is okay, I justified; lavender is not one of the primary colors. Still, I had a box of many colors in elementary school. I needed to review my colors. Mixing sage for lavender is not elementary for me, my dear Watson.

The sunset's purpose was understood, for me. I was taught humility again. I don't know it all. I won't know it all. And unless I review and practice, I'll forget it all. The problem is, when I learn something I quickly think I know it all. And I stop asking questions. It's easy to know what I see, but what about that I cannot see? Maybe that's why we have seasons; we forget what so recently passed, we need reminders. So here's to a lavender sunset. I'll miss this desert...

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