Friday, June 3, 2011

Space to Grow

When I feel something, I write. When I write, I learn about about what matters to me. I recently wrote about homosexuality. And through the post I learned that what matters most to me are my relationships with others.

I have met so many amazing people in my life I can call friends; I feel like the richest man on earth. Over the last few days I've burned bridges with my words. How I would risk friendships to preach something I was never called upon to preach is beyond me to answer. I don't know. But I know more about the personal regression that comes from highlighting the mote in my brother's eye.

My beams are many. Big enough to support the biggest cathedral of self-worship sometimes. I want nothing more to do with motes. I need to work on my cathedral.

We are all walking the same road of choices no matter who or where we are. My choice is not your choice, but since when did that make me better than you? What would separate us would not be our choices, but withholding love from each other. Thank you for allowing me space to learn this, space to grow.