Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Fabulous World of Newberry

I like for people to tell me what is good. Trails to run, food to eat, movies to watch, and books to read. I like when they all have been critically reviewed and recommended. I'm not much of a cultural scout. And I've taken this preference to my book reading this last month.

I read three Newberry Honors in a month, and for not being a novel guy (pun perfectly intended) I can't get enough.

Newberry winners are fantastic authors. They write well. If I could ever write as well as them I would consider my skills to have maxed out. Think about it, their challenge is to engage the youth. You have to use words to make a kid stop, sit down, open a book, and read to completion. There is power in those words, especially if all the words you use for your boy scouts are "Shut-up!" or "sit-down." I want to learn a better method and I think those Newberry books have the answer.

The greatest of the latest:
The Bronze Bow
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy
Wednesday Wars (which didn't win but got runner up)

I'm going to miss these reads when I pick up the stethoscope again...

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