Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Unfortunate Event

We drove home from Utah yesterday, into incredible wind. Gales, in fact. Also, much of the way down I-17, 89A and I-10 was under construction. At one place on the 89 between Lee's Ferry and Flagstaff we were forced to stop at a one-way section of road. The oncoming and outgoing traffic shared alternating turns of the one way stretch. We pulled right up into line to wait out turn. We rolled down the windows to get some fresh air. We were out in the middle of nowhere. The wind was blowing. Clouds were sailing their shadows across the hills. And the mood was calm. But then it stank like a mix of partially clean bathroom and partially messy bathroom. And there, upwind, on a solitary hill stood a port-a-john. The door was flapping open in the wind, sending the sweet smell of good stuff right into our car. We rolled up the windows and cranked up the A/C, in idle mind you! Gone are the last tracings of Grandpa's conservative influence on me and cars. Fear not though, I still drive 65 mph.

Anna is the most, most patient wife in the world.

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