Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Memorial Day Weekend. I'm ashamed to say I was so busy being served by others I forgot to pause and remember the purpose of the day. And then we drove by the cemetery Monday evening, in Tucson. There were flowers everywhere, on every grave marker I saw. It gave Anna chills. I remembered I have not given much. But I have been given much. Holy smack, Anna and I had such a good weekend we (I) forgot the Suns lost. Here's the breakdown:

Friday night -- one last night in Sahara Motel, Benson. Next up on the docket in this train town: Mud Bog Benson Rally, June 5th, the third annual. Everyone is invited. We get to pay 5 bucks to watch gentlemen and ladies romp their vehicles through a mud bog, with the winner taking home 10,000. I asked if I could enter my mountain bike. The organizer has yet to respond.

Saturday morning -- A great temple experience at the Thatcher temple. The Mayberry family of St. David, Benson, and Sierra Vista invited us to participate, and by pulling in a fold-up chair, we were able to fit. The interior design took me back to the Campinas Brazil temple.

Saturday --weeding in 100 degrees, with the Bannanna at the parents' house. It was worth it for a great BBQ dinner. Then we played Risk. If you can't hold Alaska, you really can't do much.
Sunday- Church, risk, sundown walks, good foods from mom, more Risk. Anna and Jake ended in stalemate.

Monday- Anna and Dad rode 30 miles past cotton fields and I hobbled/jogged 3.5 miles. Since I can walk today, I think the jobble was worth it. 5 months and counting since knee break. My brother-in-law, Sammie, and I are going to compete in the Austin triathlon in September, so hopefully I'm not jobbling there. Maybe I'll ask Lance..er....Floyd for some EPO. After the morning events, we went up Graham to hike Ladybug Trail. A great walk past a stream and through some gorgeous country. We took the bike back down. I had two thoughts from the bike. First: I wonder how often bikers are knocked off the road from a dust devil. Second: Why do I always feel safe when participating in a life-threatening activity until that night, when I'm laying in bed with my eyes toward the ceiling?
From Saturday to Monday Anna and I were served by everyone and everything. Even Sadie was quiet in her cage while sleeping. I can no longer call my parent's dog Sadistic Sadie. This Memorial Day I remember how it important it is to serve. I was reminded again from the best.


Gabrielle Turner said...

I'm assuming that's your dad in the motorcycle picture? I haven't seen him in person in years. It is scary how much he looks like Grandpa Hansen a few decades ago. Wow.

NanaH said...

It was a great weekend. Spencer and Anna are wonderful company! The picture makes it look like we have three motorcyles. Sadly, only one.