Thursday, May 9, 2013

Social Butterfly! ...and picture dump

Already May! I can't believe it! We've had such a fun couple months. I swore I would be better about taking pictures once I had a baby, but I'm still struggling! So, I don't have pictures of all the fun things we did, but I'll post what I do have. (Warning...this will probably be a LONG post since I haven't posted in so long!)

First, we had a fun visit from Nana and Opa (Spencer's parents) the beginning of March, and another one from Nana beginning of April. They spoiled us with good food, fun games, great conversation, and--of course--tons of love on Beth. We love it when they visit!

Then, in the middle of March, Beth and I took a trip to Utah. I can't begin to say how fun it was to introduce Beth to family and friends!


Beth got to meet her newest cousin, Caleb (2 weeks here). It was the first time Beth ever looked big or coordinated to's all very relative.





She also got to hang out with lots of other cousins. They were all so sweet with her! She is going to have SO much fun at family reunions! These are pictures of Mini, Lucy, Aunt Lindsay, Emmy and Mini, and Matthew (again, I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of all her cute cousins that she met! I promise we love you all!)

We also hung out with a bunch of my friends from high school, many of whom have had babies in the last year. It was really fun to sit around chatting with them again. Things seemed so much the same except instead of talking about the next dance and the cutest boys, it was all about houses, babies, husbands, we're grown-ups or something!


Beth also had her first date with her future husband, Mack Richards. He is the son of one of my best friends, Amanda. We betrothed the 2 of them as soon as we found out Beth was a girl...I'm sure they won't mind :) It was really fun to see Baby Mack and Amanda.

We also had fun putting Mini's "Merida" wig on Beth. Quite the little model, no?

It was such a fun trip! Thanks to everyone who made time to hang out with us and make it such a fun trip! And thanks to Mom and Dad for making it possible!

 Then, in the middle of April, we took another trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, to visit my sister, Carrie, and her family. It was SO fun to see them! They spoiled Beth like you wouldn't believe with all kinds of cute gifts, hugs, kisses, a trip to the zoo, and so much sweet attention. Here she is with Katie, then with Abby and Alex.

Thanks for such a fun trip, Linscotts! We miss you already!  

(I have to put in a plug for Beth here. She was an amazing traveler on both these trips! She never really cried on any of the flights or waiting in the airports. She just smiled and charmed the attendants and other passengers. Traveling was actually more fun than ever with her!...though we'll see how I feel about it a year from now).

In between and since those trips, we've been enjoying beautiful Albuquerque with its great hiking, restaurants, walks, shops, and--of course--wonderful people. We'll really miss this place when we move next month!

And I've just been eating up every minute with this cute girl of mine! Her little personality is growing so much with all her giggles, "coo"s, shrieks, smiles, and funny faces. She is constantly making me laugh and smile. I just love her!!!



Rachel said...

I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to bug you to send out pictures of Beth. Love that last one with her hands in her mouth! When are we going to see her?!? Are you guys coming to either of the family reunions this summer?

sanda said...

That first picture of Beth during tummy time kills me! she's adorable. I seriously hope she dies her hair red one day to get back on you for putting that wig on her. I love it. I think about you all time and hope you guys are doing well, I hope some day to live next door to you because you seem to be a great momma and could teach me all your skills!