Saturday, February 23, 2013

A BIG Weekend

The first weekend in February was a big weekend for Beth. Spencer blessed her (and did a wonderful job!). That was a wonderful experience where I felt, yet again, just how blessed we are to have her here and how happy I am to be her mom.
 The weekend also brought lots of other excitement...

Pops (Anna's dad) visited from Salt Lake.  He and Beth took some good naps together :) But, we also went on some adventures...
We rode the Sandia Tram (supposedly the longest tram in the US).

The views were gorgeous! Beth was such an angel, pretty much just sleeping the through it all. And I couldn't get enough of the fresh air and huge space, after a month of our comfortable but tiny apartment!


We also visited the beautiful Albuquerque temple.

Thanks Pops for making these outings possible! And for the babysitting, advice, laughs, walks, food, encouragement and everything else you gave while you were here!

Then, Nana and Opa (Spencer's parents) and Jake (Spencer's brother, fresh off his mission in Peru) visited, too.  
We took Beth out for her first restaurant experience.


She, like her mom, is especially fond of dessert!


Again, she was an angel! She slept through the whole dinner, letting the adults chat about everything from Peru to Downton Abbey :)

The actual blessing went really well, too. Beth was wide awake through it all, but didn't make a peep! She just stared around the circle, then charmed the congregation with her huge eyes.

The whole weekend was a dream come true for Spencer and me. Thank you to Pops and the Hansens for traveling and for making it so fun! (Thanks also to Grannie who would have been there if she hadn't caught a bug at the last minute--we missed you!) 

And thanks to Beth for making it happen!



the glausers said...

She gets cuter all the time! And she was really cute to start out with so that's saying something! And you look great Anna! Glad things seem to be going so well!

Kelsey said...

Anna, you look awesome! Not fair!! Beth is so so cute. I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!