Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Runner's World

For the first time this summer monsoon weather spent the night to hang out this morning. Thunder and lightning brought back a thousand memories of youthful shenanigans.

The best part was being able to soak it in. Drove Anna to the airport at 4:30 am under moderate rain and thunder. Then it started to get light. But the sun had to pound through two membranes of cloud, succeeding in only breaking the one closest to ground, so it remained eerily orange-grey.

I was a road hazard on the way home. My camera makes me ADHD, trying to get all the cool, momentary shots in time. Luckily the roads were mostly empty.

I arrived home, placed my body on the bed and told my head to go to sleep. But the window kept rattling, daring me to go out for a run. How could you not. One of running's secret pleasures is to go out under a drizzle, with the weather cool. The breeze gives a pretty good sideshow of swashing desert greenery accompanied by that ever-so-cool whistling through the leaves.

So I was out on the river trail, running and grinning. Pure sport. Take it anywhere, anytime. No lockout can touch it like other sports. And free adrenaline. Now I'm late getting to the hospital...typical

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NanaH said...

Hi Spencer, I'm back at work so I can read your blogs.