Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Parking spots

We drove up and around and around the hospital parking garage. Talking and driving aimlessly we pulled right into the nearest spot to the hospital entrance. It was the greatest moment of the day...until we pulled into the nearest spot to the supermarket entrance later on. I told Anna both times we should walk home and just leave the car in those spots, to gloat.

Extra driving time is always worth it when you get that spot. The sad part about this day was we weren't even trying. It was too easy. Life is never that easy, but it was for us then.

I gazed deep into the eyes of the awaiting drivers when we pulled away from the spots so I could telepathically stress how important of an event this transfer of parking spots was. In reality, I was sulking for the loss. Don't ever take for granted good parking.

I was going to blog about my sweet day in neuroradiology. But for some reason parking lot karma trumped it.

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NanaH said...

I thought I was the only one who saw parking spots as a lesson on life.