Thursday, January 13, 2011

Running in Tucson

We have family come visit every now and then. Yesterday while out for a jog in the cold morning (cold day #3 out of a possible 5 this year) I was thinking what it must look like for visitors to run alongside me. About every half mile or so a hooded figure in what looks like flannels or maybe dark jeans would run past me in the opposite direction. I passed a bearded fellow in jean shorts and a hoodie. I've seen these people out running on the trail every single day of the year that it's cold, which is exactly five days. Always wearing the same attire, my fellow running mates could be confused for groups of running homeless. They (we) are not homeless, we are cold runners.

So if you visit Tucson, and like to jog, and it's a cold day, you can best fit in by dressing like a homeless person. Why would we buy cold weather gear for 5 days out of the year? We're not cheap, we're practical, and yes...maybe in debt.
So happy trails in your flannels and over sized hoodies handed down from your sibling's high school days.

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