Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Post script

After my second day with this class i was up to here (holding my hand high) with a few kids. I even broke down and went Hansen-lecture-style on a few kids. "Do you want scholarships? Do you want a good life? Then do your work like I said!"

But at the end of the day, the effort paid off when the kids spontaneously, guys and girls, got in a line to hug me on their way out. For the first few I offered high fives like I used to on my first dates after the mission. But then I remembered a hug can mean more than a high five. So I let them hug the sub.

These kids were so good they stayed in during recess to make a play for Anna. It was five minutes long. I captured it on my video camera for Anna to see in the evening. If I ever have a choice to sub for elementary again, third grade it is. Too young for sass. Old enough to have some class.

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NanaH said...

Spencer, I love the way you look at life.