Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Restore and Research

Anna mentioned last night today is the 180th anniversary of the restored Church. Someone, sometime, somewhere once said that each invention, including the TV (created in Provo, UT), was inspiration given to aid in the spread of the Gospel. I believe this. I can't believe that what humans come up with is original to us terrestrials only. It has to have celestial input as well, whether we see it or not. Power plants, computers, telephones, neon signs, cars, X-rays, satellites, cell phones that vibrate. These are some things that give me daily wonder. Really, how does a cell phone vibrate?

Restoration is like research. Truth revealed, again and again. Nothing new really, except to an individual. And if true, it all points to Christ. So, in honor of today I wanted to bear my testimony of the joys of research. I know that time spent learning brings me happiness because it's a divinely endorsed activity. I know Christ lives and He wants us to know this. So he has provided us with the Holy Ghost to inspire us with ideas of how to reach Him and help others reach Him. Sometimes it's tough. Sometimes it's hard. Some days I feel I make no progress. Like today, I put the leftovers in the tupperware with the cake leftovers. I bet Anna thinks some things I'll never learn :) But we should keep trying daily. In the call to battle of one of my favorite researchers, Lewis Thomas:

"Keep them at it I say, keep them working, bring in more of them, crowd them together in the deepest water, way beyond their depth. Goad them into swimming into each other, sputtering new bits of information each time they touch, losing themselves in a high surf of metaphor but each time regaining their feet for a new try. Sooner or later something will come of it, something like knowledge, new to them, new and surprising to all the rest of us."

We'll learn. There's method to all this madness in the world, and it's to get us exposed to the key bits of info that will let us know of Christ, whether through satellite TV broadcast on TV, getting pass-along-cards from a member next to you on a plane, attracting visitors through power-plant-powered Christmas lights at the Temple grounds, or from vibrating cell phones activated by those Home or Visiting Teachers. Long live researchers. Long live...Robin Hood.

by the way, in our research for truth, if you listen to an audio book, can you tell someone later you've read it?

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