Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bean Town: Day 1

Today is day one of my family rotation in the rural (with Super Walmart and McDonalds) town of Benson, AZ. After work yesterday I picked up Anna and we cruised East on I-10 to Benson where we crashed in the Sahara Motel. Felt like our honeymoon again because we haven't been back in a motel-like residence since. We should do trips like this more. After a quick night Anna was up by 5:00 am so she could make it to her day with her preceptor at St Joseph's Hospital back in Tucson. We'll see each other again on Saturday night.

So I love Benson. More specifically, I love Exit 299, Skyline Road. I spent most of my youthful Spring Breaks and summers exiting onto this dusty road winding to El Rancho de las tortugas where Grandpa and Grandma Hansen live. So I'm excited for this next month where I can see them more often. After clinic today I rode my bike up the long hill, against the wind, to their house. All sweaty and dusty, I spent the evening with them, winding down after a fun day.

In the morning I introduced myself to Dr. Mayberry. He has a brother who is also a doctor. They both run the San Pedro Family Practice, which also houses a couple PA's, some nurses, MA's, an office manager and other house staff. It's a full house, with barely enough room for a skinny medical student to squeeze in. I followed Dr. Mayberry around to see his morning patients, trying to pick up his style. He's a no-nonsense, straight-talking kind of guy that likes to work. So the day flew by! After lunch I started seeing patients. The theme of the day was joint aspiration. Two knees were aspirated. I watched. I love procedures. This morning I wanted to do diagnostic radiology. But after spending time with patients again, I want to specialize in interventional radiology.

Feels like a different life out here, wifeless. But it's a good time to ponder the blessings of living in the good old U S of A with the Southern Pacific line chugging along parallel to town. Life always seems simpler in small towns with old men always saying they get by by doing "what the wife" tells them to do. There is wholesome goodness here in Benson, you can feel just talking to those who live here. I think families understand the inherent dependence on each other when you live away from big cities. The dependence is there simply because you spend more time together. It's nice...but I don't think it's nice enough to convince me and Anna to move anywhere with a population less than 500,000. Tucson is pushing the lower limit as is :)

Miss you bird!

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Carrie said...

That sounds really cool, Spencer! What a great experience. It sounds like a super busy time for both of you . . . hang in there! :) I just caught up on your blog today and love your deep thoughts and insights.
Love, Carrie