Saturday, February 21, 2009

When we were kings...

We all know sleep is a precious commodity. When inactive, because of sleep, we run around in REM, dreams, and restroom breaks. It's a wonderful rhythm; a dance of serenity. I feel, when you have the power to sleep, you can live the life of royalty. Outside forces no longer determine your mood, activity, or choices. The power now comes from within. Unless, of course, you have yielded this power through the act of marriage :) Please don't misunderstand, I think marriage is a celestial arrangement. But it still comes with sacrifice. Last night, during a peaceful slumber, Anna embarked on a restroom break. Upon her return, she tucked into bed and threw a right with her elbow, landing it directly on the forehead. I could hear the crowd yell outside the rings. Not to be outdone, I went in with MY right to stroke her hair and accidently jabbed her in the eye. With two thuds, we both fell down like potatoes, with the sounds of the crowd giving way eventually to our royal realm of sleep. The experience reminded me of one of the best documentaries ever produced. Entitled, "When we were Kings," it follows the famous Ali/Foreman fight in Africa. It's a story of courage, faith, and brute strength. Just as Foreman is replacing Ali as the world's premier heavyweight, Ali stages one more defiant stance, even though most writers already cast him into the sunset. He trains on a foundation of faith in his God, and faith in the people of Africa. If Field of dreams brought you an inch closer to the tissue box, this will bring you two inches closer. Here's a link to a clip from the documentary:

While amazing, the fight is not as intriguing as the story leading up to it in the documentary. It's worth your time, if you have any.

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