Saturday, January 31, 2009


January has been such a fantastic month for us! Fantastic and busy...hence the lack of blogging. So I thought I'd cover a few highlights:
1-I STARTED NURSING SCHOOL! It's been such a funny roller coaster of plan a, b, c, d, e, f, g...I finally stuck with plan k or so and it is working out beautifully! I love it and I'm actually doing very well. True, our classes consist completely of learning the tasks I've done as a tech for the last year and a half, but I'm not complaining. Not at all.
2-Spencer is still breathing, walking, functioning, even smiling and excelling through one of the hardest blocks in all of medical school. Seriously, he has been incredible balancing all the studying with serving and making me happy. But spring break can't come too soon, that's for sure!
3-I got to go up to Utah to visit my family and meet our newest member, Alex (Carrie's third). It was a dream weekend packed with skiing, sledding, b-ball games, card games, a good movie, fabulous food, and of course LOADS of chatting and laughing. Thanks to all the fam for hanging out and making it so fun!
4-We got $50 of free groceries at our favorite grocery store, Sunflower Market. It just opened across the street from us. I guess it had a little bit of a price--we had to stand in line in the rain at 5am and read numerous Jehovah's Witness pamphlets given us by our neighbors in line for two hour...but who wouldn't for 50 bucks of goodness?
5-We got free Chipotle today for sporting our Cardinals' colors, which leads me to
6-Cardinals being in the superbowl! We are definitely band wagon fans, but how can you not be when a team like the Cardinals actually makes it? Wish them luck tomorrow!
7-Our blinkers work again after a year and a half long tantrum (and some magic mechanical work by Spencer).
8-We're a month strong without air-conditioning.


Carrie said...

Annie, I'm so glad you're enjoying your classes so far! And way to go with turning off the A/C . . . I guess it was about time once December came! It was so AWESOME to hang out with ya in SLC. Love you!

Spenceanna said...

anna- you think I'm bandwagon fan just because of my email address?

Martha said...

I'm glad you're loving nursing school so far and that January treated you so well. Just wondering, was there supposed to be a #9 or was it one of those thought-provoking-leave-you-hanging-fill-in-the-blank kind of things? J/K Annie--keep up the posting in all your spare time!

Camille said...

You sound so happy to be in nursing school! I know you will be fantastic with your patients. And congrats on the $50 gift card! Getting up early to stand in the rain is totally worth it.