Sunday, November 23, 2008

Go! Ok! Go!

This weekend was a fun one with the parents/in-laws. I was able to ride the El Tour de Tucson (no editing this post Anna :) with my Dad and Anna spent the day with Mom, shopping. The best part of the day was our convergence with half of the LDS Saints in Tucson to Rusty's Family Restaurant and Sport's Grille to watch the Utah-BYU game. I polled the members and found most simply opened the phone book looking for a descent place and were attracted to the "family" part of the title. Yes, there still was beer, neon lights, and waitresses that must freeze their tushes off every shift because of their lack of attire. But all eyes were focused on the game and our chicken smothered in teriyaki and pineapple. The Tour was great, long but great. The best motivation came with five miles left of the 109 mile race with a sign that read, verbatim: "Go, OK, Go!" It was so inspiring. It made me think of the scene when William Wallace rallies his troops to face Edward "Longshanks" in Braveheart: "And dying in your beds, years from now, what would you give for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and face your enemies and say, 'you may take our lives, but you'll never take our freedom!." Go, Ok, Go! No, of course my biggest inspiration was my own Anna Montana! It was a fun weekend. Always is when you can ditch the books and play a little. Another highlight of the day was Anna's awesome Minestrone. If you haven't tried it, ask for it the next time you spend an evening with her. Scrumptious.


Martha said...

I love it--Go, OK, Go! What could inspire you better? Annie--I NEED your minestrone recipe. I've been looking for one.

Camille said...

Yeah, send that minestrone my way too! Glad you got to do the race with your dad. Congrats!