Sunday, September 14, 2008

General Hitchcock

Anna and I have to run away from Tucson to see each other with our work and school shedules. The sad thing is our schedules are self-imposed. Why don't we just take our money and run to Tahiti? Or better yet, to see Edinburgh? Instead, we sign up for this medical school/nursing school mumbo jumbo and get caught in a web of commitment. Actually, we couldn't be more grateful. And as one of the faculty always points out to us nearly evey Monday morning, "for every one of you in this class there are five that didn't get in." After that dish of humble pie we can sit pretty comfortably in our Tucson garrett and dream of our future visit to the castles in the clouds.
But, we do have Mt. Lemmon. Anna and I had a great Friday night camping up in the cool Pines. We made a huge fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. We could've topped off our meal with Keystone Light that some neighbors offered to barter our firewood for, but Anna and I are already too tipsy as drivers anyway that we figured we shouldn't drive any closer to the edge on the way home. I've been sounding apostate as of late because I feel apostate for leaving my wife so often to go study at school. So, Ho ho ho, to the bottle may we never go :)
Life is great in Tucson. We're going to try and catch pics of bats tonight so stay tuned...
We love you all.
the bird and shoe fly


Eric & Hayley said...

Spencer you are so funny! Eric & I often feel we are in a similar boat, so entagled in different commitments with school, work, church, family, etc. so we often joke that we should just run away to Mexico to escape but Tahiti sounds a lot better now that you mentioned it:)

Camille said...

Yeah for Mt. Lemmon! It is a great place to get away. You guys are so good about making time to be together.

Melissa Markham said...

A-na-na - What's up with your pose by the tent? Did you do tai-bo at the campsite? Very cute... I miss you guys! You're the best. Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you found each other. :) Love you!