Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Anna and I have become loners again. But we are alone together and life has never been better. After coming home from Utah I took off to Thatcher for a few days while Anna stayed to work in Tucson. After our time apart we realized how much we missed making fun of each other and have been in heaven ever since our reunion! We had a fun summer day yesterday. We woke up late, read books all day, ate watermelon and otter pops, watched the monsoon storms, strolled around the upscale "La Encantada" mall in the foothills in the evening, and watched the lighting roll across the valley. The monsoon season rocks!! We came home and I crashed as Anna stayed up till at least one a.m. finishing "The Kiterunner." Anna said she is glad to have read it, though wasn't always glad to be reading it. I felt the same. We woke up this great 4th of July at 4:44 am to go mountain biking at fantasy island. Last night's storm left the trail wet and we hopped off our bikes at the end caked in dirt! It was a ton of fun. We got home by 7:30 and had Orange Julius and are now preparing for fireworks (see pictures). Happy fourth everyone!

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