Saturday, July 26, 2008

The 21st.

Anna's Big Birthday is tomorrow. As I combed my mind for how to celebrate, my thoughts turned to how we would celebrate a wordly 21st. After seeing the following post on the "student affairs" website for Virginia Tech, I began to see what I'm missing for marrying the worthy gal I did:

The Risks:
One-third of women experienced a blackout during their 21st birthday celebration. To avoid blackouts avoid drinking quickly.
26% of women vomited. To avoid vomiting altogether consume fewer than 6 drinks.
30% of women had an estimated blood alcohol level = .28, putting them at risk for serious complications from alcohol poisoning.
To join most students who avoid these risks, take it slow, pace yourself, and take some steps to moderate consumption.

Anna, the grass is always greener with you...Happy Birthday!! We better raise our blood chocolate milk level to at least .28 tomorrow!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Anna! I hope Spencer made it a good one for you! I'm so glad you are part of our family.

Martha said...

Happy bday Annie! Yeah, we aren't missing out on much of what the world does. And Anna doesn't need to get drunk to be crazy--she lives that way! And Annie, I love that story about your pt's husband and the misplaced kiss. Too funny!

Jon said...

Don't forget about casinos also!

brynn said...

Ann! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and enjoyed your chocolate milk (as spencer suggested). Chocolate milk, I must say, is the elixir of life.

You are wonderful!

Camille said...

Happy belated birthday Anna! Your story about the elderly man at the hospital was hilarious! I don't usually laugh out loud when I read blogs but that story was the best I'd heard in a long time. Sounds like something you'd see in a movie...