Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I've completely slacked on blogging lately! We've had so much fun--and this has all been during school! We'll see what happens when school's out :)
So Spencer talked a little about Boston, but I wanted to fill in details and add the pictures...But first, I have to thank him! He is the one who made it possible for us to go, qualifying for the marathon and all. Boston is my favorite East Coast City I've been to, so it was a dream come true for me! And he did FABULOUS, finishing in under 3 hours! Finishing at all is unfathomable to me, and going that fast the whole time is just crazy in my book. He also got to run with Lance Armstrong for about 6 miles (then, naturally got bored and decided to pass him). Perhaps most impressive of all is that, after all that running and amid all the cramping, he survived the forever long plane ride home that night! What a trooper! Besides running and making the whole thing possible, he also made it just so fun. I'd have to say he's my favorite traveling partner, too!
So anyway, about the trip....these are Spencer's wonderful cousins, the Frandsens, who let us stay with them. We had a blast hanging out with them and were so grateful that they made the trip possible!

This is my favorite street in Boston, Commonwealth Ave, aka Millionaire Ave. It's all these old cool houses, lined with incredible blossoms, etc. I picked out my house for when we move there...haha

While walking through downtown (along the Freedom Trail), we ran into some of Spencer's family friends...random! It was exciting to see familiar faces among all the thousands, and we had fun catching up.

We kept getting lost in Italy, I wonder why?! (However, their amazing gelattos well compensated for confusing street signs)

We kept coming back to this part of the harbor, Long Wharf, because it was so beautiful and so peaceful.

I had never had much seafood...and what I had I've tried to forget. But, we could not leave Boston without having seafood. So we hit lunch at Legal's on Long Wharf. It was INCREDIBLE! We got an entree with swordfish, mahi-mahi, salmon, scallops, and shrimp, every one of which was divine. My plate was gone in two minutes--I think I'm forever converted to seafood! Plus, they were super nice--I nudged the bar holding up the canopy over their patio, which knocked out one of their light bulbs and sent it bouncing on other's tables and finally on the floor--and they didn't kick me out; in fact, they laughed!

We toured the US Constitution--SO COOL! If Spencer and I suddenly disappear, it's probably because we hijacked the ship and are pirates somewhere on the Atlantic...

CHEERS!(We're almost getting hit by a car as we take the picture, thus the awkward angle...)

Our gorgeous bike ride....

And finally...the champ in his silver cape! I wish you could see all the crowds in the background. Marathon Monday is a holiday, so the whole city comes out and cheers on the runners. It makes it all so exciting. And Spencer, again was fabulous! He finished in the top 1200 out of 30,000! I was/am a very proud Mrs. was an incredible trip. Thanks to all who made it possible! And thanks to all who endured this forever long post!


Rachel said...

Who are those family friends? I don't recognize then from that picture. Sounds like you guys had an amazing time! I wish Rob and I had had more opportunities to travel before the kids came. Some day we'll get to the east coast i hope!

Erin said...

Great pictures and travel stories! You guys are so great together- Spencer I brag about you whenever I can fit you running the Boston in any conversation! Can't wait to see you two! Love, Erin

NanaH said...

You two live such a charmed life! Anna, you are a great writer.

Christopher said...

I heard you passed Lance Armstrong in the Boston Marathon! Brag about that more in your blog. Kathy and I went to the doctors today. The guy actually listened to us. AMAZING.