Friday, April 4, 2008

An Ode to My Woman Warrior

She wakes up day and night,
The pain rises like full-moon tides.
She's the woman who will fight.
Making sure everyone else is all right.

She withholds from pain medication,
to make sure I'm having a good time,
She'd rather suffer while on vacation,
Than take Vicoden, oh, she's so fine!

She's my woman warrior,
the former ms. boyer!!


StrykerLOVE said...

?? thats a strange poem if you don't have explanation! write some explanation!

Luke said...

I agree with strykerlove. A little more info would be nice! How are you guys? We miss ya'!

Rachel said...

The sentiment is fine, but you should really leave the poetry writing to the professionals!

Camille said...

Anna must be so proud! We miss you guys, hope we can see you this weekend at Ryan and Aubrey's!

Erin said...

Love a man who will write his woman poetry!

Anonymous said...

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NanaH said...

Anna is a trooper to get up and go after having all four wisdom teeth pulled. We are continuely amazed at her strength. She truly is a one who "runs with the wolves"!

Martha said...

Annie you silly! You didn't even call us so we could give you lots of sympathy. Hope you're doing well. And Spennie, good luck with the Boston!! I fully expect to see you on the front page of the newspaper.