Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fun With Cousins (and aunts and uncles and grandparents)

We did a trip to Newport Beach with my (Anna's) family last week and had SO much fun! Beth had a blast playing on the beach with cousins, but that wasn't all she did. We also...

got pedicures with all the girls,
 (I wish I could get a good picture of her toenails. They are the cutest neon pink! And I wish I could have filmed her getting them done--she just sat there like a little princess. What a woman!)

 practiced tummy time with Baby Caleb and Andrew,

rode the ferry with Pops,

goofed off with Lucy,

goofed off with Aunt Melba, too,

played in the sand with Grannie,

and SO many other fun things that I didn't get pictures of. Everyone was so cute with her! Some of her cousins were even accused of having crushes on her because they were always wanting to play with her. Now that we're home, I think she's a little lonely!
So thanks to everybody for being so fun and sweet! Can't wait to play again soon!

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