Saturday, January 5, 2013

Welcome Bethany Maurine!

Our sweet little girl came January 1st--the perfect way to start our new year!

She was very excited--as you can see!

And so were Mom and Dad!


She's already been out for an outing, a Dr. appointment. Mom was a nervous wreck, but little Beth handled it like a champ!

We've been lucky to have Granny (Mom's mom) come help us transition home. She's spoiling us with cooking, cleaning, tending so Mom can nap, giving baths, and answering Mom's bzillion questions.

We are so excited to have you here, little Bethany! You are precious!


the glausers said...

Congrats! She is gorgeous just like her mama! Hope I get to meet her someday soon!

Gabrielle said...

Oh, Congratulations!! What a beautiful baby with such a beautiful name. I am so happy for you. My mom told me it's been a long journey for you to get this sweet baby. We went through several long years (not to mention $$$$) before we got our boys, and I know how incredible the feeling is to finally get to take home your own baby. In my opinion it makes parenting that much more precious. Congratulations with all my heart.

StrykerLOVE said...

Such a pretty baby! (I hope she gets curls - she better with you two as parents)