Monday, May 14, 2012

Grandma's and Facebook

My Grandma Hansen is a wonderful woman. She's lost most of her ability to carry on a linear conversation for longer than a couple minutes. But despite her lack of linear conversations she is becoming quickly famous for her one-liners.

While sitting at a state park eating a picnic with family on Friday, she saw two men walking back from the trailhead.

"Oh, two men out together. You don't see that too often," she said, while chewing watermelon.

The two men looked back and smiled understandingly at me and Anna. I still find myself laughing alone in the car when I think about that...

Also, I think the new "timeline" on facebook is fantastic! Anna and I just evaporated thirty minutes of our life scrolling back through memories. And I saw photos of myself I've never seen before. Amazing. Imagine how the church will use this medium for family history in the next few decades.

I of course sent out more friend invites. Now I'm not addicted to my total friend count like Roger Clemens is to HGH, but it still feels like I need to do it simply because Facebook suggests. I'd hate to offend...

And I sent messages. "How are you doing?" I asked an old co-worker. I realized she might be offended (I really do hate to offend) because I didn't look at her facebook to see how she was really doing. I could've looked there in the first place to know exactly how she was doing.

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