Monday, December 26, 2011

The Mathematics of Milk

Today I economized in a way that made me proud to be Grandpa's grandson. I walked into the Sunflower Market to the back of the store. The obligatory walk of consumption to buy milk. I asked the clerk if any reduced milk was available in the back. He said no but that if I found a jug with a sell-by date within the next two days, I could get it for 99 cents.

Like a man hunting geodes I stuck my skinny neck in the cold rows of dairy, squinting at dates on the top of milk jugs. I found one. I knew I would. I handed it to the clerk and he took a sharpie out of his pocket to write the reduced price on the jug.

"So, I can just walk in here and find a nearly-expired milk anytime," I asked with a grin.

"You bet, just make sure you are nice about it. Don't be like the old ladies who shove a jug at me and demand, '99 cents!' Just don't be annoying about it."

And with that I secured a way to purchase a gallon of milk for 99 cents. At two gallons a week that could save us 104 dollars a year. Multiply that by 30 and I've reduced our grocery bill by 3120 dollars over the next thirty years. Milk lasts longer than the date so we're safe. Now, onto the next money-saving idea...

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Jan said...

Just be sure to drink it fast or it will spoil. We miss you and Anna.