Monday, September 12, 2011

Four Years Reputation

We celebrated our fourth anniversary a couple weeks ago! Thanks to my oldest, most wisest sister, we dined at a classy joint. While I was contemplating how to make a dinner of chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and cookies and ice cream romantic on our front porch, I contacted Whitney. Her input caused my plans to evaporate to the voice of reason. The voice consistently says, "She deserves finery." But for some odd reason which might be due to maleness, or just plain cheapness, I ignore the voice. As a side-note I wonder if the sound of the voice resembles those Sirens of old.

And in pursuit of finery, I embarked on an internet search of the classiest joints in Tucson. In the end, I relied on the quotation of an ESPN article I read that morning reporting Coach Mike Stoop's favorite restaurant in Tucson is Vivace. We've already dined at the table next to Lute Olsen, so I had to broaden our value-less bragging potential with the possibility of sitting near Stoops and Co. Plus, our anniversary was the night before the football season home opener. What coach in his right mind would not dine at his favorite place the night before a big game?

So we arrived and dined. It was fine. No football coach present, but I didn't notice, even after four years.

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StrykerLOVE said...

I am glad you listen to reason!! Hope the food was good because I know the company was