Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Brain

Dealing with psych patients today was very memorable. I saw geriatric patients in wheel chairs sitting at the end of the hallway in the sun, like potted plants soaking up the light. They didn't move for hours. Perhaps they know something I don't.

I saw women yelling at anything that moves. I saw men doing things I thought only adolescent boys did.

I saw old, seasoned veterans of the earth acting out like children.

Yet despite all this obvious disorder from the norm, I kept thinking about two things I read this morning.

Half our genome goes to building the brain. And, there are more neurons than stars in the Milky Way. I think our Creator values the individual. The human brain holds more star power than the Galaxy.

So, why disorder among us? Their has to be a constellation that can be drawn from all the scatter-brains that populate the psychiatric wards. I'm not expecting to find it. But I bet someday we might know.

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StrykerLOVE said...

i don't know if you did this but if you ever have a chance you should. with my pysch clinical i did the 'voices' project which is where you listen to what its like to hear schizo voices for an hour. suddenly everything that they say or exhibit makes more sense. there is also a video to watch with that program and the lecturer says things that makes you realize the line between whats normal and crazy is very fine sometime. just think - a lot of prophets esp in the old testiment - in some lights could be concidered clinically mental!