Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Morning

Fully planned on sleeping in this morning, but the giddy girl next to me popped up with the sun. She probably paced back and forth for a few minutes before I stirred and then she ran back into the bedroom and said, "Did you see the mountains?" Anna said it in such a way that I almost thought I heard, "Did you see the presents under the tree?" That would've been fitting given the scenario of snow in our own backyard!

We hopped in the car and took pictures of our cactus dressed like they were ready to attend the Academy Awards. And they should've because they would've won. Especially mickey mouse for best supporting actor. While driving around it seemed the town was pretty lethargic except for a couple photographers and loyal dog-walkers.

One word comes to mind when it snows in Tucson: Confusion. Are we happy for the novelty? Are we upset for the break in routine? Is it good to take photos like tourists? Do we pretend like nothing happened? Do we go to church? No, no confusion on the last question, though there was a whisper of doubt. But that was probably because I had a teaching assignment today. We went to Church. During Sunday school someone mentioned it was snowing so I had fun watching people, one by one, "go to the bathroom," to see the snow. If there ever was a cause worthy to cancel Sunday school, snow in Tucson might be it.

It has been an eventful year in Tucson so far. A snowy Sunday was a good chance to freeze for a moment to think about how to improve as a person. I for one, intend to never again laugh at the people who place dixie cups on top of their cactus to protect from overnight freezes. Without them, there would be few mickey mice to pose for best supporting actor.

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