Thursday, March 25, 2010


Spring Break + 2 Free Spouses + Road Trip = Car wreck waiting to happen. But it didn't happen. The closest we got to car troubles came on the trip home to Tucson from Austin when one spouse fell asleep and the other wanted to see how close to the "E" we could get on the gas gauge. Let's just say if it wasn't for the "Daring Drivers" gas station located in the middle of Nowhere, Tx, we'd still be walking. But, we'd also be 3.50$ per gallon richer. Oh, we also pulled up to an 18-wheeler full oh bee hives. Se we could've been stung.

Our trip was priceless and the best of our marriage because it was the first one we spent together. We drove straight to Austin from Tucson, stopping once to eat and twice to sleep on the side of the road. We figured we could sleep beside road kill in the hill country of Texas. I kept waking up from nightmares of running head on into a car while falling asleep and Anna kept dreaming of strangers breaking into our car while we were in it. We didn't sleep long :) On on we went, arriving in Austin on a cloudy, sprinkly Saturday morning. We spent a great three days with Melissa, Sammie, and Brad Markham. There was everything you wanted in a Spring Break: games, naps, good food, March Madness, sleeping in, good looking spouses, reading, movies, and other stuff. In honor of Austin, Anna and I independently compiled a top 10 list. Here's our toast to Austin, enjoyed with a nightcap of milk and homemade apple pie, a la Anna.

Anna 10
10: Drive to Austin
9: Good house upkeep of residents
8: Texas accents
7: Clean down-town
6: Cool river trails
5: Panera Bakery
4: Food
3: Green, green, green
2: Salt Lick BBQ
1: Markhams
Spencer 10
10: Old Faithful (ask Sammie to show you someday when you visit)
9: More Ford trucks than Chevys (Opa!)
8: Recycle Program
7: Yard Work, good, meaningful yard work
6: Mountain Bike Course downtown
5: Churches everywhere
4: No Pollution
3: Texas Mountain Laurels
2: Salt Lick BBQ
1: Markhams
Photos (left to right, top to bottom) Catholic church, downtown mtn biking, Salt Lick, Bradley, Anna, Sammie, and Melissa

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NanaH said...

You make me want to visit.