Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Bear

Today I performed a psychiatric history on a patient who was recently arrested for domestic violence. He is a big, bear-looking rancher from Yuma, who suffers from PTSD. This big bear of a man was in tears by the end of our interview as he thought of how his wife struck a deal with the county judge to let him out of prison over the weekend if he agreed to seek treatment at the VA. He loves his family. He is genuine, I could tell. After the interview I warned him he was going to be the patient my classmates would "round" on this afternoon. This basically means we sit in as the psychiatrist interviews him. I told him he should play a joke on my classmates and pretend to act weird during the interview. So, rounds comes, and we are sitting in a circle surrounding our patient and the psychiatrist. A half-hour into the interview, with a few of us already dozing off, the bear of a man is calmly explaining his PTSD and then suddenly yells in a loud voice "because I'm violent!!." If you thought jumping out of your chair one foot into the air was a lot for us students, you should have seen how high the psychiatrist jumped. The bear quickly laughed and gave me a wink and assured us he has a sense of humor like the rest of us. I'm lovin' psych!! We'll see what Anna has to say about my affinity for the mentally affected.


Martha said...

That's pretty funny! I'm glad you like psych--it was never my thing, but psych nursing is probably very different than psych medicine.

StrykerLOVE said...

glad you are having fun - why did rach congrats you in an email?

NanaH said...

You should call Grandma and tell her about your experiences.