Sunday, February 17, 2008


These "fill in the blank" blogs are some of my favorites to read on other people's blogs because I always learn something new about them, even my own sisters'. However, despite my love for reading other people's, I"ve never actually responded to one of the "tags". So, here goes...

Places I've lived:
-Holladay, Ut
-Provo, Ut
-Laie, Hi (two months, does that count?)
-Uganda, Africa (one month, does that count?)
-Currently Tucson, Az

-Mountain biking, hiking, trying new recipes, waterskiing, reading novels, applying to different nursing schools throughout the western United States :) and music
(this was our most recent hike in the tucson mountains...we caught a beautiful sunrise!)

Favorite songs right now:
-Anything Regina Spektor
-Antyhing Matt Wertz
-"King Without A Crown" by that Jewish Rabbi Rapper
-On Sundays, the "Persuading Jane" Soundtrack

What I was doing ten years ago:
-Thriving fifth grader: painting my nails blue, wearing glitter on my cheeks, writing notes in class, dancing, harping, reading Anne of Green Gables, listening to Backstreet Boys, and blushing when I made eye contact with boys.

What I was doing one year ago:
-Preparing for my mission-ha. I was also applying for BYU nursing, teaching Anatomy Lab, learning about anime from roomates, diving for doughnuts in the Provo dumpsters, dating a little, and rejoicing the births of three new baby nieces. There was this nice boy who often took me out, and who I always looked forward to being with--the type I might want to date seriously if I weren't going on a mission (hehe, little did I know...
things aren't always as you plan).

A few of my quirks:
-I get really nervous to talk on the phone--it usually takes a pep talk from Spencer for me to spontaneously check in on someone or make plans over the phone.
-I love to eat the powder mixes of hot chocolate, cake, brownie, jello, even Bisquick. In fact, I usually like the powdery beginnings more than the final product.
-I love FLAT root beer and Dr. Pepper.
-I am one of the few girls who rarely shops by choice.
3 things for which I am SO grateful:
-My Savior and all that His atonement means
-Spencer J!
-Good people who make my life as happy as it is...

Anyway...there's a little about me. Now I tag anyone who reads this (who hadn't tagged me first).


Carrie said...

Hi, Annie!
It was fun to read your tag answers . . . and I love the hiking pictures. I'm jealous that it's warm enough there to be out hiking! We've got major spring fever here. Love you! --Carrie

Carrie said...

P.S. I just posted a video on our blog of Katie's first steps. You and Spencer will have to check it out! She's so hilarious.

Camille said...

I have to agree on two things: I also get nervous to talk on the phone! Sometimes when Birch and I have to call someone it takes forever to decide who will do it. I also LOVE flat root beer. I haven't tried dr. pepper, we'll do that next.

Martha said...

I must say I didn't know the extent of your phone nervousness, but I definitely remember forcing you to call Spennie when you were dating! Maybe that's why you never call me!

NanaH said...

AnnaBanana(I give all my kids nicknames. This one is yours)
I also have a fear of the phone. It's probably because I can't see the person I'm talking too. I still have to take a breathe before I pick it. See, Spencer married someone like his mother after all.