Monday, January 21, 2008

While We Were Gone...

We've been pretty much absent from the blogging world the last few weeks, except for our quick Tale of Two Blinkers. I thought I'd do a quick catch up on what we've been up to...
We left Tucson with our heads still spinning from finals, long work hours, fun Christmas parties, shopping, etc. for Christmas Break in Utah.
This first picture is of our gourmet "cottage chocolate" we served at a party with some friends from medical school. Actually, it was chocolate fondue that just went horrendously wrong. It was a few chocolate curds in oil...but we still had a great time and got many laughs out of it.

Our time in Utah flew as we scrammed to do all that we could in the short amount of time we had. It was so great to be back and doing so many things we'd missed: sledding, snowball fights,

staying up late talking to siblings, playing board games, seeing temple square, playing with niece/nephews, eating Mom's cooking, running in snow, depleting Granny's endless store of mint M&M's, driving in blizzards, setting up awesome lego kits with nephews, of course doing the exciting traditional Christmas morning, sleeping by the fire, hiking into the cabin, etc. etc. But more than any of that, it was so wonderful to be with so much family and so many friends!
A few days after Christmas, we went from Salt Lake down to St. George to enjoy the Utah version of warm weather. We brought in the New Year by jumping on a huge roll of bubble wrap, then doing the Angel's Landing hike in Zions--resplendent with beautiful views and vertigo.

We finished the fantastic break off with a stop in Thatcher to play board games, go for walks, eat good food, and laugh with the Hansens. Then we ended it all off with a U of A basketball game.
Since the break, we've definitely gotten back into the grind. Spencer has already taken a midterm and has a final approaching. So today, we took our little break and had a beautiful dinner out on our patio. Call us spoiled--we ate outside in short sleeves, overlooking a very green yard, and planning our hike for tomorrow.

So, long story short...we've been very VERY blessed the last few weeks--if we aren't with our family, then we're in beautiful weather doing all the stuff we love. What a life!


Rach said...

Next time you need to temper your chocolate! If you heat chocolate too much it separates like that...also if any water gets into it it will seize's a good website with directions:

glad you had a great vacation. Good luck with the final Spence!

Erin said...

Hey you Two LoveBirds-
Aren't Christmas breaks the best! So glad you got to go home Anna to enjoy it. You two are so active and full of energy! Can't wait to see you and spend time with you in the summer. I almost cried at you eating dinner outside in short sleeves!! On saturday the high was zero. Yup ZERO. Love you Both- Erin

StrykerLOVE said...

anna - i made you a cd - has some of the songs you gave me on it - sorry - i sent it to my mom's because i don't have your address - what is your address btw?!

Katherine Fajen said...

SPENCER! How are you!!? I am so excited I found your blog, it looks like things are going glad! :)